Having an online business is not as simple as you imagined it to be. You should make sure that you always have stocks of the items you sell so that you don’t only lose the potential sales but you also don’t lose the customer themselves. If you always have products that are out of stock, there is a great chance that your customers won’t come back.
With the presence of inventory management software, such as the ones you will find at http://www.getcarta.com – carta, your inventory problems will all be solved or would be lessen drastically. For those who still don’t have this kind of software in their systems, they are left with higher risk of committing mistakes. The common mistakes that entrepreneurs do are all listed below. Read them so that you can stay away from them and find a remedy it.
1. Too Much Inventory
When you have experienced losing customers because your items are out of stock, you tend to store more and more of it in the future that you end up with using all your capital. Storing the goods in a warehouse also costs money and even if they are stored, the items can still be damaged or their value can be depreciated especially when they have an expiration date. It is also quite difficult to move all the old items in your inventory and sometimes you have to think of different strategies on how to do it.
2. Miscounts On Your Inventory
After knowing how much products are moved each month, you have to make sure that you have this number in your inventory. There is risk of miscounting those you have on hand especially when you have just received the products or when you are filling up orders. There can also be miscounts doe to the items that are damaged and not usable anymore.
3. Prioritization Is Not Observed
When you have too many products, there is also much work for you to count them and make an inventory out of each. It can also take a lot of time for you to finish with the inventory especially if there is not enough staff to do it. It is difficult to prioritize which task you have to start with.
4. Making Use Of Spreadsheets
Spreadsheets are what you would commonly use to make your inventory because of all the useful rows and columns that it has. The problem with this is that the spreadsheets can easily be deleted accidentally and the changes made could accidentally not be saved. It is quite difficult to make sure that what is written in the spreadsheet tallies with the actual stocks you have.
5. No Backup
Even if you automate your inventory or use bar coding, there is still risk of losing your data when your computer gets stolen, damaged, or when there is a fire. These things happen and when you are not prepared, you will end up having to redo your entire inventory again because of a malfunction in your computer.

A Convenient Way of Faxing

When I was working as a manager in one of the big companies in Atlanta, I had a different way of managing people. My managing principle was: “to the less mature workers, I acted like a “gofer” manager: always watching their back and giving them the step-by-step procedures on doing things; to the mature and self-motivated workers, I just gave them what I want them to accomplish because I know they are responsible enough to achieve it.” I used this principle a decade and a half ago when Vonage—the pioneering VoIP company—was just seeing its heyday. During those days, I had already predicted that VoIP will be the norm of communication of the future. Now, gone were those days when Vonage was at its peak. Gone also were the days when I had to ask my executive secretary to go to the fax room and send tons of documents to several of my clients. It usually took my trusted secretary a couple of hours faxing those documents.
Radical Change in the World
Times have radically changed, and now we are seeing the information age wherein the internet seems to be brimming with information, ready to be devoured by any rapacious reader. Life is fast and convenient nowadays, and the generation X will definitely say that gone are the days of slow and reflective readings. The last of the Veteran generation has already reached the century mark, and most of the gen X’s are already in their late 70’s and 80’s. Likewise, the Gen Z’s are slowly growing and the Gen Y’s are taking the helms of most businesses. The Gen Y’s are fond of multitasking and they don’t want a slow pace of life. Hence, for them, even the once beloved fax machine appears to be an ancient and outmoded form of sending fax. Consequently, we ask: “Where is the world heading to?”
Old Ways Recalled
So as I grow older, I can’t help but compare the old way of life with the new way of life. I still could remember how we used to run the office and how we communicate with our business partners and prospective clients. It was radically different. Without email, we need to use the phone using the old conventional phone system. Even faxing has been so arduous, consisting of series of steps, such as dialing the number, listening for a non-busy tone before one feeds the paper documents to the feeder, and jamming of papers along the way were fairly common.
Gmail Faxing—a Better Way of Faxing
Faxing has never been so easy and convenient, thanks to the online fax providers who even allow us to fax using our gmail accounts. Old men like me have to learn more the fax from email details, to update ourselves of this technology. Fifteen years ago, we would never have thought about all these technological advancements. Yet, now we are reaping the fruits of progress. We now have to do away with the old habits of sending and receiving faxes. My fellow generation X’s will definitely miss the good old fax machine. But we would surely love the new ways, and we have to adapt to it to keep abreast of the changing times.



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